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PowerKnowledge Physical Science

About Us

About PowerKnowledge Physical Science

PowerKnowledge Physical Science is a content-driven, visually stimulating, and media-rich online science resource specifically designed for learners in grades 3 to 6. Maintaining the gold standard set by Rosen Digital's inaugural product, Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers, PowerKnowledge Physical Science delivers curriculum-correlated content; promotes digital literacy and 21st-century learning skills; and offers research, report, and homework help.

Developed for Grade 3 to 6 learners with their unique learning styles and sensibilities in mind, PowerKnowledge Physical Science features an appealing, friendly interface. All articles are expressly created for an elementary and middle school audience. Dynamic videos enhance and extend learning. Interactive games reinforce skills and content. Hands-on science projects, experiments, and activities help learners see science in context, and in action.

PowerKnowledge Physical Science informs and inspires learners about key physical science topics including atoms and molecules; elements and the periodic table; energy and matter; force and motion; and temperature and measurement.

PowerKnowledge Physical Science includes resources to support and reinforce classroom instruction. Correlations to national and state science curricula and to Canadian provincial learning outcomes are provided. Educators will also appreciate lesson plans, assessment, extension and enrichment activities, as well as the text-to-speech feature, printable research sheets, and article-specific glossaries.

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